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Dr. Mansur Hasib

Dr. Mansur Hasib

Award Winning Global Graduate Cybersecurity Education, Marketing, and Branding Leader, Professor, Author, and Keynote Speaker.

Award Winning Global Graduate Cybersecurity Education, Marketing, and Branding Leader, Author

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About this Speaker

Dr. Mansur Hasib aka #DrCybersecurity has established a global personal brand as a digital strategist, business executive, author, and public speaker with more than 30 years of experience in Healthcare, Biotechnology, Education, and Energy. In his new book Bring Inner Greatness Out, he explains how sales and marketing has changed dramatically from an expensive ad driven strategy to an inexpensive but highly effective personal brand driven strategy. He discovered the power of his own personal brand when he won the global 2017 People’s Choice Award in Cybersecurity competing against 19 companies and 3 individuals. He repeated this feat in 2020.


Between 2016 and 2019, his personal brand driven marketing strategy at a major public university, tripled the size of the academic program from 1,500 students to 4,800 students globally and went from $30 million annual revenue to $117 million annual revenue.


Bring your questions and come to discuss your ideas in his highly interactive presentation: Personal Branding as a Key to Marketing Yourself and Your Organization.

Dr. Hasib has been quoted, interviewed, and cited in countless media all over the world. His books have been sold in the USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Kuwait, Middle East, Algeria, Brazil, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, New Zealand, Germany, Philippines, Singapore, France, Italy, Bangladesh, Cyprus, South Africa, Bahrain, Bahamas, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary, Pakistan, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain, and various other parts of the world. 

Dr. Hasib enjoys table tennis, comedy, and travel and has been to all 50 states of the USA. Follow him on Twitter @mhasib or LinkedIn:

To access more content, subscribe for free to his YouTube Channel with over 100 educational videos:


To contact Dr. Hasib, visit:


Bonus for attendees: As a professional audiobook narrator and producer, Dr. Mansur Hasib has graciously offered to give away one free copy of the following audiobooks to attendees of this session from either the Audible USA site or the Audible UK site depending on the geographic location of the winners.


1.    Bring Inner Greatness Out: Personal Brand (2021). This book details Dr. Hasib’s personal branding, marketing, and career success methodology for anyone in any field. It is written and narrated by Dr. Mansur Hasib

2.    The Chronicles of Spoony, Vols. 1-3 (2021). This is a humorous audiobook written by Jim Larsen and narrated by Dr. Mansur Hasib.

3.    Neelkanth: Truth, Lies, Deceit, and Murder (2021). This is a mystery thriller with some philosophical overtones written by Satyam Srivastava and Rajeev Garg and narrated by Dr. Mansur Hasib.

4.    Lotus Land (2021). This is a fantasy set in ancient India with a lot to learn about Indian culture and mythology written by Bhuban Patra and narrated by Dr. Mansur Hasib.

5.    Family Secrets (2021). This is a mystery thriller written by Ellie Jay and narrated by Dr. Mansur Hasib.

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